RIVET™ PICKUPS are a unique blend of classic, vintage technology and useful design. We believe our innovation with mini-coils™ gives us a distinctive edge over other pickup designs, yet because our core technology comes straight out of the golden age of guitar manufacturing, our pickups are an extremely comfortable fit for players who have owned and  trusted the classic designs. The advantage of our tone stands out on the instruments of these guitar manufacturers who offer RIVET PICKUPS on certain models…

Bluesman Vintage

A high-end boutique shop that caters to the needs fo the professional musician, Bluesman Vintage offers high-quality vintage replicas and boutique guitars. Using the best materials available, the pay strict attention to detail when building their instruments which stand head and shoulders above instruments that cost over five times as much! The staff at Bluesman Vintage feels that there is no major difference between an “Average” guitar and a “Magical” one, but rather the difference derives from the culmination of many details that they incorporate into every instrument – now including the option of RIVET PICKUPS. With a combined 45+ years of experience as both luthiers and musicians, the staff at Bluesman Vintage know what it takes to build a superior instrument and won’t settle for less than stellar performance from their instruments or from their unparalleled customer service.

Charleston Guitars®

Charleston Guitars are handmade in the Lowcountry by luthier, Jeff Whitehead. The very unique, patent-pending design produces an instrument with gorgeous tone and sustain that is an exceptional match with Rivet pickups. The guitars are very light, weighing less than 5 pounds, and designed to be ergonomic for the guitarist, making them a joy to play. Handmade with traditional techniques, using the finest tonewood with cutting-edge design and components, these exceptional, custom guitars are a beautiful blend of tradition and technology.        http://charleston.guitars/