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    David Petschulat

    We think we’ve stumbled on a new tone. Because the lows and highs get treated differently with RIVET’s, it really is new – it’s not just a rehash of some old sound. You can try it if your guitar has two RIVET’s and two tone controls.

    To try it:
    1 – put in razor blade #106
    2 – put toggle switch in RHYTHM position
    3 – make sure the push-pull knob is down
    4 – rotate the LEAD pickup’s tone knob all the way to zero tone

    You’ll get this unusual blend: strong punchy bass, no mids, delicate highs. Then try rotating the LEAD pickup’s knob and you can dial in any portion of midrange beautifully.

    I’ve tried this on two different Les Paul’s and it worked on both of them. Does this work for everybody? What do you think?!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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