RIVET ’63 / ’64 (PICKUP SET)

RIVET ’63 / ’64 (PICKUP SET)


This is a set of two pickups, a RIVET ‘63 and a RIVET ‘64, plus our Connector Card with three snap-in Razor Blade wirings, and one push~pull pot.

The RIVET ‘63 in the neck position will give you glassy smooth sound, well-balanced output and delicate articulation, with a bass mini-coil™ to add low-end depth and bass string harmonics to the mix.

The RIVET ‘64 in the bridge position will get the screaming-hot snarl of a single-coil bridge pickup, plus a treble mini-coil™ standing by to thicken the high end with crunch.

The pickups come with the patented Rivet Connector Card for optimum coil-blending and easy, solder-free attaching to your guitar’s controls, plus our best razor blade wiring cards #108, #109, #101, and #100.

Also included is a Rivet Push~Pull Pot for extra depth of control in switching between sounds.