Razor Blade #108 / #109



Here’s our first Razor Blade to be offered as a retro-fit for Rivet K-STYLE Pickups.

What does it do? It snaps into our little *Connector Card base that all your control cavity wires tie into – and it wires up all the pickups and coils together in various combinations when you flip your toggle switch. So it makes great wiring simple.

The FRONT SIDE has new wiring patch #108-CRUNCH which is a spin-off from our previous favorite (#101). It jacks up the mid-high frequencies of the bridge pickup when the push/pull knob is up. It makes the tone noticeably sharper by way of a trick we’ve developed: The attached capacitor grabs the higher frequencies and skirts them around the bass mini-coil – “protecting them” a bit from the slight darkening provided by the bass coil. (Not a drop of tone is lost because the cap does not bleed to ground; it merely shifts the flow between the coils to benefit the mids and highs.) It’s a beautiful tweak as the pulled-knob setting gives more crispness that’s great for rhythm and lighter lead work, yet when the push/pull knob is down the capacitor is bypassed completely to throw the bridge pup into full-on crunch mode.

The FLIP-SIDE has new patch #109 which we call GLASS, developed with Nashville Tele aficionados in mind. It lets both pickups run as single coils when the push/pull knob is up…  And then when the push/pull is down the bridge pickup gets both mini-coils added to it wired in parallel for much crisper highs overall. GLASS sets your pups in basically “single coil mode” but with a very brassy boost on the bridge pickup when the push/pull knob is down. For those of you who like single coil configurations going thru long effects pedal chains, this patch is great. With a boost that’s both powerful and bright!

*Note: this item is one double-sided Razor Blade only; it does not include the Connector Card which comes with most pickups or can be purchased separately.






Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1.86 × .72 × .04 in