Retail boxed 4 pack of pickups – RIVET ’63 & RIVET ’64 – you choose which models

Add both a RIVET ‘63 and a RIVET ‘64 to your guitar. A RIVET ‘63 in the neck position gives glassy smooth sound, well-balanced output and delicate articulation. Turn on the RIVET ’63’s bass mini-coil™ to add low-end depth and harmonics to your bridge pickup to beef up the lows but still scorche on the highs. A RIVET ‘64 in the bridge position will get the screaming-hot snarl of a single-coil bridge pickup, plus a treble mini-coil™ standing by that can be switched on at any time to thicken the high end with crunch. Throw some of that crunch at your neck pickup for an exotic sounding hybrid with low growl and a slice of stand-out highs.

What comes in the pack:

(4)  handmade pickups produced in our shop in Franklin, TN (near Nashville)

(4)  push/pull potentiometers to replace your tone pots, for switching the mini-coils™ of your Rivet™ Pickups on/off

(2) solder-free connector card for connecting your Rivet™ into your existing controls (and even other pickups). This card will possess a couple of slick features that we plan to work out once we’re funded

(4) nice-looking silkscreen printed boxes made by us in our shop


Additional information

Weight 30.8 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 7 × 4.5 in
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