This set of two pickups is a new addition introduced in 2019. This set is particularly designed to deliver extra-delicate high end (i.e. “twang and jangle”), which is combined with Rivet’s distinctive clean and powerful low end. This pair of pickups comes with our Connector Card and the latest wiring patch, Razor Blade #110a V-CRUNCH, and one push~pull pot to shift between vintage and crunch tones. The Connector Card allows for solder-free installation into your guitar’s existing controls.

The bridge pickup of the T-STYLE configuration has a stout 1950’s style full-sized single-coil positioned as close as possible to the bridge to deliver rich harmonic content in the “Nashville twang” tradition. Tucked beside it is a 4-pole mini-coil which rolls in additional mid and high frequency content at the flip of a push~pull switch.

Notice: Sorry, but this model is currently unavailable – soon to be replaced by a new design, RIVET RW66, which I plan to produce in 2024. The RW66 takes all my experience with multi-coil designs and improves upon them (greatly, I think!), so check back soon to see when they are available.


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